Warhammer 40,000 7th Edition

  • WH40K 7th Edition game system
    • Install the WH40K 7th Edition game system to use any of the following templates.
    • If you're using Quartermaster 4, install this game system to access Fortifications, Lords of War, and Formations.
Adeptus Astartes
  • Blood Angels
    • Archangels (Shield of Baal)
    • Flesh Tearers (Shield of Baal)
    • The Angel's Blade
  • Dark Angels
  • Grey Knights
  • Space Marines
    • Iron Hands (Clan Raukaan)
    • Imperial Fists (Sentinels of Terra)
    • White Scars (Warzone Damocles: Kauyon)
    • Raven Guard (Warzone Damocles: Kauyon)
    • Stormhawk Interceptor (Death from the Skies)
  • Space Wolves
    • Wulfen Edition
    • Champions of Fenris
    • Sanctus Reach
Adeptus Mechanicus


Forge World

  • Most of the following templates have not been maintained and as such may be outdated.